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Introduction: Money Tree: Origami Dollar Flowers

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Origami money tree is the paramount of awesome gift. It elegantly combines "I know exactly what you want: money" and "I care enough to spend time on your gift". So let's get making :)

What You Will Need

  1. 3 dollar bills per flower (I used 15)
  2. A pretty branch
  3. A small pot
  4. A bunch of Coins
  5. Thin Wire

Step 1: Origami Flower: How to Fold the Dollar Bills - Fold 1

Each flower requires 3 bills. They can be new or old, either work, but crispy $100's work the best :)

Fold the bill in half and crease it, then open it again

Step 2: Origami Flower: How to Fold the Dollar Bills - Fold 2

Fold the edges in 1/4 of the way (half way between the center crease and the associated edge)

Step 3: Origami Flower: How to Fold the Dollar Bills - Fold 3

Fold the entire bill in half lengthwise, crease it then open again (with the edges already folded 1/4 in - fold 2)

Step 4: Origami Flower: How to Fold the Dollar Bills - Fold 4

Fold the corners in just like a paper airplane (this is actually 4 folds)

Step 5: Origami Flower: How to Fold the Dollar Bills - Fold 5

Fold the long edges to the center crease (fold it half way in)

Step 6: Origami Flower: How to Fold the Dollar Bills - Fold 6

Fold the bill in half lengthwise along the center line

Step 7: Creating the Flower

Once you have folded three bills as described in steps 1 - 6, take all three of them and face them all the same direction. Holding them at their center, wrap the wire several times around the center, making sure to leave extra for the stem. Spread the petals apart with your thumb and crease them so they lay open. You will need a few of these so your tree doesn't look stingy! No one likes a cheap gift :)

Step 8: Planting a Real Branch in Money and Decorating With Cash Flowers

Grab your small pot, branch and paper. Stick the branch into the pot and stuff some crumpled paper around it. Then grab your jar of change and dump it into the pot. You wanna make sure that your branch is pretty short so it doesn't topple your pot.

Finally grab your origami flowers and wrap the wire stem around the branch. Spread them out and make them look natural! We put them in places where there were already flowers so that Jefferson, Washington and Hamilton looked like they belonged there :)

Step 9: Write a Card So They Know Who the Money Is From and Gift

The last step is to write a sweet little card signed with your name so they know who loves them the most :)

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    4 years ago

    may have to try that with £5 notes £50's being pink would look better


    Reply 4 years ago

    Gotta add some color in there ;)