Money Box 400 Euro !




Introduction: Money Box 400 Euro !

Make origami box from 400 euro :)

for other cool paper frojects look



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    Wow! 640$? I apologize for bothering you much but, how much is 1 euro in america? How much is one dollar in euro? Again, sorry for bothering alot.

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    i made one and put my coins in it ps thanks to dirkdus for cutout

    Cant u give the nice Ca$h the poor people?!

    But nice money box

    I know that all euro bills are different sizes, but I don't know the dimensions of the 50. Does anyone know?

    oh yeah 13x about 7 is 20 euros im not sure about 50

    Well.. you could always use like 20 dolar euros By the way a euro is 13 cm x 7 cm and 1.8 of the next so about 13 by 7 this is awesome man!!!

    I have 2 questions so i can make this, what is the size of Euro (Example; 12 cm x 9cm)? How many will i need? thank you and hope to see some = Simple = Projects :)