Money Box Made From Scrap Material

Introduction: Money Box Made From Scrap Material

In this project I took scrap materials:


to make a box for collecting money for prints that are done at the TechShop Soma.

I found a scrap piece of wood, that was a piece cut from the table saw, so it was square so it would only require table saw and chop saw to cut to correct lengths.

After the 4 sided cube was assembled, an acrylic scrap piece was used for the last two sides of the cube.  This acrylic piece was cut on the laser cutter with holes for screws, and a slot for money to be inserted to pay for prints. A cool clip art image of a printer was used to make it even cooler!

Materials needed for full assembly:
4 screws
brad nails

Tools needed to cut and assemble:
Air brad nailer
laser cutter
table saw
chop saw
power drill



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