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First Instructable ever, so here goes XD. As a student, I have access to free editions of AutoDesk CAD software, so I figured I'd just use what I was familiar with to do something I'm not. When I saw the clip contest open up, there were just a few simple clips, so I figured I'd take it up a step and add a feature; the ID holder. The holder is good for 1-2 U.S. ID's (Student, Drivers, Library Card, etc.) and hopefully will have a bit of bend to let them in, but not too easily out. The little spheres have been cut out to hold the corners of the card, and are round to slide in and out of pockets with a relative ease. As for the design, I arced things a little different than intended and it came out a little girly, but I can make another later that is more boyish. 

For those looking to modify the ID pattern design, I left the clip and holder as 2 seperate pieces on top of each other (no idea if that means it won't print together, never tried) and I may end up modifying this (or posting another one) with a blank slate pattern. The .dwg and .stl files are below for your convenience. I've never had the chance to 3D print anything, so the thicknesses might be too thin, but I think the idea is present at least. 

Also, sorry for just pics and a file. The process was a bit of guess and check and I figured anyone wanting to use/modify the idea would be doing the same and could use my file as starting point if necessary. 

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