Monica's Wedding Cards

Introduction: Monica's Wedding Cards

Simple, elegant, but trendy with a touch of hot pink, these cards make great centerpieces standing at each guest's plate as a thank you for coming to the wedding!

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Stamps used:
Signature Background by Rubber Stampede
Frame from Maison Frames set by Inkadinkado
Amore by All Night Media
Classic Black and Craft White from Stampin Up!
Fuchsia pigment ink by Rubber Stampede
Aleene's Tacky Glue
Vellum tape runner and Mounting Squares by Scrapbook Adhesives
3D Dots by EK Success
White and Black cardstock
Pre-made white 4.25"x5.5" cards
Pink double faced satin ribbon with decorative edge by Offray
Paper trimmer
Heat gun

Step 2: Stamp Background Image

Ink background stamp with white pigment ink and stamp on black cardstock, stamping as many images as you can fit on one piece of cardstock (you will cut them apart later).

Step 3: Heat Dry the Background Images

White pigment ink takes a very long time to dry, so it is best to heat set and dry it with a heat gun (not a hair dryer!). Be careful not to scorch the paper by holding the gun too close to the surface of the paper. Set aside while you move on to the next step.

Step 4: Stamp Amore Image and Frame

Using fuchsia ink, stamp Amore image on white cardstock, leaving room in between images for the frame. Stamp the frame around the Amore image using black ink.

Step 5: Cut Everything Out

Cut apart the background images, and cut out the Amore and frame images. Cut strips of vellum to 5"x1 7/8".

Step 6: Cut Ribbon

Cut lengths of ribbon to approximately 6.5". A quick way to cut several pieces of ribbon all the same length is to cut a piece of cardboard to the right length, wrap ribbon around the cardboard as many times as you need, and then slip the scissors through each end and cut all lengths at once.

Step 7: Adhere

Adhere vellum strip to bottom half of each background piece using vellum tape. Adhere ribbon over top edge of vellum strip by applying a very thin amount of tacky glue to back of ribbon, leaving the ends. Flip piece over and glue the ends of the ribbon to the back.

Step 8: Adhere Amore Piece

Adhere the Amore framed piece to center of the front using 3D dots. Adhere the entire piece to pre-made cards using mounting squares and you're done!

To see more of my work visit my blog! Out of the Woods

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    6 Discussions

    Miss World
    Miss World

    12 years ago on Introduction

    This is just wonderful! I'll surely give it a try someday :)


    13 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful!


    13 years ago

    If you had the time/materials/inclination it is also possible to emboss the amore stamp and or the border around it. When embossing you apply embossing powder to the stamp while it is still wet so that it will stick, then you heat it with an embossing gun (imagine a very very hot hair dryer). The heating causes the powder to melt and produces a raised texture everywhere the powder adhered. All of the supplies for this can be found at most craft stores near the other stamping materials.


    Reply 13 years ago

    Absolutely! I love heat embossing and this card would look great using that technique. But I had to keep this design simple and easy because we needed to make a quantity of them for the wedding, and my non-crafty friends wanted to help. I am going to be making the wedding invitations for my other sister-in-law later this year and am planning on using heat embossing to embed a stamped image on those. So stay tuned! I will probably post those invitations as an instructable as well!