Monitor Home/Office Room Temperature on Your Desktop

To monitor rooms or offices or any where we can use this project and that is show with so many details like graph, real time temperature and much more.

We are using:

First of all, we have to make account on this IoT platform, and put this code on your Wemos DI and interface your LM35 sensor with Wemos D1 as shown in diagram and then process some step on Iot platform as shown in ppt.

Show PPT for more information about IoT platform.

You have to take your own project code (it will provide by thingsIO.AI, as shown in PPT) and upload onto microcontroller.

Step 1: Step by Step Process of This Project

Step 2: Code

You have to upload this code into your micro controller. Here I am using wemos d1 and must import thing you have to change your wifi SSID and Password.(Here Mine is SSID : DDIK Makadia and Password : kidd123456789)

Step 3: Diagram

You have to connect your LM35 sensor as shown in figure.



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    4 weeks ago

    Thanks for sharing! : )