Monitor Hood (fpv)

Introduction: Monitor Hood (fpv)

How to make a monitor hood.

Step 1: Find a Plastic Board (or Somthing Like That)

Check that the sizes are going to fit before you choose it to the project.

Step 2: Cut and Shape

Cut and shape the board so it will fit to your monitor as shown in the photos.

Step 3: Cut and Stick Velcro Strips

Find the best way to mount the hood to the monitor and mark the places you're going to put the velcro on.

Step 4: The Final Step!

Enjoy your fpv monitor and don't forget to be awesome :)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Shai!

    So evident and so helpfull.

    You can't imagine how many times i needed this tool.

    How many times i've to make photos for my son's football team, a sun (too)shining day...

    I imagined this tool. I've bought the supplies. But i've never made it!

    Procrastination, you're the winer with me.

    Hope you'll understand the meaning of my thought. I'm an old french.

    Thank you, i'll enjoy this instructable soon...