Monitor Wall Mount (now With Added Keyboard and Netbook Holder)

Introduction: Monitor Wall Mount (now With Added Keyboard and Netbook Holder)

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I made this for my new workshop. It is a rectangular room with the desk at the long side, so I wanted to be able to move the monitor left and right in order to be able to watch movies etc from either end of the room. Besides, this saves me the space usually taken up by the monitor's base.

What I did was make a crude design (as can be seen in the pictures), cut it out from some board, drilled holes for the screws and assembled it using wingnuts for my personal fastening pleasure.

Either end was then screwed to a board using long wood screws.

On the panel for the monitor I drilled four small holes for Vesa-compatible screws in the appropriate places and sunk them deep enough for the screws I had (including washers) to get where they  need to at the back of the monitor.

As for the wall, I used four 10mm wall plugs and matching screws with washers. I will add pictures of the installed piece once I can get my hands on a working camera. I'm planning on adding some more featured, like a keyboard holder, but that remains to be seen.

So far, it's working fine, loosening the nuts allows me to readjust the monitor the way I need it, and tightening them again, combined with the coarse surface of the original board, makes for a stable, non-slipping connection whenever necessary.

Let me know what you think!

Update! Not only did I add an image of the holder screwed to the wall, in action so to speak, but I also made a (very) improvised holder for an old netbook (with a faulty display, but working fine on an external monitor) as well as something very simple for the keyboard.

The netbook "holder" is a board with long wood scresw screwes through it, then fixed to a cupboard with these screws, leaving enough room for the netbook. 

The keyboard holder is made of small slats, glued and screwed together and fixed to the board on the back of the monitor. The angle is meant to allow halfway simple writing without taking the keyboard down.

In retrospect, something that allows the keyboard to be pushed back when not in use would be more helpful, since the way it is the keyboard takes up a lot of space, or rather blocks it. But for now I can and will live with it.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    The updated images are not on the post, perhaps you forgot o add them?