Monitoring 16 Analog Sensors Data Using ESP8266 12e Board

Introduction: Monitoring 16 Analog Sensors Data Using ESP8266 12e Board

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ESP8266 12e is a great board for our IoT related projects. But their is only one drawback that, we can't attach multiple analog sensors to it as it got only single Analog input pin. But don't worry, now we all will be able to connect upto16 analog sensors on our esp8266 12e board. So in this instructable, I'll show the process on how to interface multiple sensors to our esp board.

Step 1: Components Required

  1. ESP8266 12e board
  2. 16 channel analog multiplexer module
  3. 7805 IC
  4. Multiple sensors(for my project, I have used 3 potentiometer and one LDR)
  5. 12V DC power adapter

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

Here is the circuit diagram for connecting all 16 sensors with esp8266 12e board.

Step 3: Major Component

This magic is happening with the help of 16 channel analog multiplexer module. With this module, we can interface 16 analog sensor and switch them with the help of four digital pins. So in total, the pins occupied on esp side will be

4 digital pins

1 analog pin

Step 4: Order You PCBs Online From JLCPCB

I got one amazing site called for ordering our pcbs online. You can design the pcb online too at and then just download the gerber file format of the PCB from there.

After that upload that gerber file on jlcpcb and you can get the pcbs right at your door steps.

The price is reasonable.

10 PCBs for $2

So give it a try once. If you are lucky enough, you'll get one PCB for free as I have planned one giveaway in the end of the article.

Step 5: Code

For the code, I took the help of adafruit mqtt library and merged that code with my own made code for analog multiplexer. By merging both the codes in a proper manner, I'm able to monitor the sensor's data online on adafruit dashboard after every 2 seconds.

The code for monitoring 4 sensors on adafruit mqtt dashboard is available on my github account, so you can download it from there.

Step 6: Video Tutorial & Giveaway Process

I have also made a full tutorial video for this similar project.Watch out that video to know every detail about this particular project and also about how to enroll in this giveaway.



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