Monkey King: Hero Is Back

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The all-powerful hero Monkey King, recently appeared on Chinese screen and makes a great flutter in China movie market. It says 'Monkey King' Brings Hope to Chinese Animation Industry. Really like 'a hero comes back from the rock'.

This is a course of painting. Due to the sufficient complex details, I made this model by SLA printer. If your don't own a SLA printer yet, I suggest the resolution on your printer shouldn't be larger more than 0.1mm, and scale the size to as large as possible for best results.

Step 1: Base Primer in Brown

Refer this drawing, I colored it like the original figure.

Now let's show how to paint this GongFu Monkey in details.

First, spray the body a base primer in brown. Black primer on the golden needle and golden parts on the armor.(for metallic painting)

Step 2: Golden Lacquer

Subtly paint a golden lacquer on the needle. Also the golden armors alike.

Step 3: Undersleeves/Chain Armor

Then supply the red and the silver chain cuish.(silver dot)

Step 4: Head Paint

Coat a canary skin base on the head. Then varnish the eyebrow & temples with pink.

Step 5: Fur Hairs

Mix red、blue and yellow we gain light brown as the fur color. Then darken the brown lacquer, then paint trace the sunken hairs. Highlight the silver fur.

Step 6: Face Details

Last use your finest brush to draw the makeup, eyes and the mouth.

Step 7: Finish

It's much easier than the painting performance. Why not try by yourself? If you like it, follow us on twitter or facebook to find more funny 3D printed stuffs.



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    3 years ago

    This is awesome! You should share your .STLs, I'd love to see them!