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Introduction: Monkey Fist Emergency Bracelet

This is my first ible, so I hope you like it. I have read the monkey fist knot ibles and i dont plan on re-hashing the monkey fist. This is one way I make a emergency bracelet with 550 para cord. I had a hard time figuring out how to make a bracelet with only 1 strand coming out of the knot, this is my solution to that. I used about 15 feet  (5m) of 550 para cord after making the monkey fist. it takes about 10 minutes to put this together, and about 30 seconds to take apart for use. You could make this larger to make a belt or bag strap to have more length of cord.

*note to the reader, this may be similar to other ible's, and if there happens to be an identical pattern, i did not mean to steel someone else's thunder.

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Step 1: The Loop

Once you have tied your monkey fist knot, and trimmed the stubbier cord, take the remaining cord end and bend it around itself as the picture shows.

Step 2: The Second Loop

After step 1, make a second loop and insert it through the 1st loop.

Step 3: Pull the 1st Loop Tight

Once the 2nd loop is through the 1st, pull all the slack out of the 1st loop, this will make a 2nd knot near the monkey fist and a loop that gives you the start to the bracelet.

Step 4: Make a 3rd Loop

Make a 3rd loop and insert it through loop #2, then pull loop #2 tight, this is the process, repeat these loops until you get the correct length. 

Step 5: How to End

Once you have enough length, you make the final loop large enough for the monkey fist knot to pass through it, then take the un-used end of cord and wrap it around the last loop, then pull the end through and take out the slack, then trim the end and viola! you're done. to dis-assemble, push the last end back up and then pull that cord, it will pull each loop out from the one before it and it will go all the way back to the monkey fist. 

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good Ible,

    I have always called This weave is called monkey chain and not monkey fist as monkey fist is just a very large survival knot used as a knot to throw wrope very far. It is also used as a grappling hook.
    I have an Ible that uses this weave to make a whip!!!
    Here is the URL:

    Hope that you like it!!!