This monkey is a cute gift and is big enough for you to hold it with two hands!

Knitting Abbreviations:


k2tog=knit 2 stitches together


CO=cast on(add sts)

BO=bind off (taking sts off)

Supplies: Yarn:(I got red heart super saver yarn) medium 4 worsted weight 100% Acrylic

Needles: US3 3.25mm needles

Step 1: Body

CO 6 sts ( project row by row on each line for the body)

kfb across

kfb k1 across

kfb k2 across

kfb k3 across

kfb k4 across

k9 rows st st

k2tog across

k all across

kfb kfb k1 across

k6 rows st st

k2tog k1 across

k1 row

k2tog across BO

Step 2: The Rest of the Body

Then attatch the eyes and if you dont know how to crochet then just knit this for both arms, both legs and tail

Co 5 sts in brown

knit to length that you choose( i did it the length of 4")


Co 5 in beige


bunch up to look like an ear and sew on after fastening off

Step 3: Belly Button and Mouth

Embroiderer the belly button as a small x with beige and for the mouth CO 6 sts k2 rows and BO and sew on and add a small bit of stuffing if needed and your done!



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