Monkeywrench the Hollywood-Industrial Complex

Are you tired of the hollywood fatcat getting the best of hardworking artists?
Help confuse and trick them so they can learn that artists will not stand for overlords. They don't deserve the access to our inner minds and we are here to stop them from getting it.

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Step 1: Disempower the All-Seeing Eye of Capitalism

You have to set-up a DNS proxy so that the NSA and the MPAA can't get try and rob you of your freedom.
One month of a DNS can be found for as little as 6 bucks! That is less than the cost of a movie! (figure 1) Also check your setting to make sure that you don't have a DNS leak!!!(figure 2)

Step 2: Setup the Accounts

It is best if you have access to private
torrent trackers so that you can get scene releases faster than anyone else. Just ask some people at the local collective house or bike co-op. Look for the liberated and the liberated will see themselves in you.

I think the best workflow is to setup an anonymous free email address (try or (figure 1) and then use that email to get accounts on public torrent sites (figure 2). Download videos from private torrent sites and distribute them on public sites. You will need uploader status but just request it. Remind them that culture is a warzone and you are a warrior. You may get denied from some fascists (figure 3) but eventually you will get access (figure 4)

Step 3: Subvert Their Hypnosis

Now comes the fun part. You have to take
the movie file and liberate it. Try to make it subtle so that someone thinks they are getting the original manufactured experience. I edited the movies to end abruptly at the climax of the film. (figures 1-5) but you could add a high-pitched feedback sound under everything, take out the soundtrack, turn the movie black and white, add subtitles that are really large, etc. The only limit is that of your imagination!

Step 4: Distribute the Change

Here is where you want to upload your
modified movie. Try and disguise your torrent using the language of elite hackers. (figure 1) If you did a good job you can sit back and watch the hits roll in. (figure 2) and feel satisfied knowing you did your part to fight for the liberation of artists everywhere

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    I hope you have the distributors' permission to use those clips, otherwise it looks a lot like piracy to me. (Wasn't someone a couple of Instructables back moaning about that?)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    What your advocating is illegal. On many levels. And also annoying on many levels.

    You are altering a copyrighted work without the owners permission and basically creating a counterfiet. Both are illegal.


    4 years ago

    Seems like you're just trying to get other people to ruin experiences for those who download. If you're against downloaders, you're no better, because you're downloading the content yourself, viewing it, then uploading a damaged copy to others.

    Maybe I don't understand why you feel the need to do it, but I can't see any practical reasons for this.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    This is basically the same as your other instructable.