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Introduction: Monogram Buttons Wall Decor

I first saw this on Pinterest. Of course the link led me to Etsy, where the seller did not explain how to make it, but had for sale for $55 plus shipping. I decided it would be a better gift if I would make it myself. I figured out how to make it and I only paid $25 for the materials. (You can pay even less if you find good deals on the fabric and buttons. I was very picky with my selections because it was a gift for my niece).


~ Any size canvas - I used an 11x14 that I bought in a pack of 2 for $5.99 at Hobby Lobby
~ A variety of buttons - I purchased a lot of yellow buttons from for less than $5. (if you purchase white buttons, you can dye them using RYE dye) I also purchased a few buttons that were different shapes, but were more expensive at Hobby Lobby.
~ Fabric to cover the canvas - I purchased a half a yard for $2.80. I used about 1/3 of the fabric. I bought extra just in case I messed up.
~ A yard of ribbon - I paid $1.29 at Joann's. A yard was just enough to make a bow (you may want to buy more)
~ Glue gun and glue sticks - to glue the fabric to the canvas
~ Craft glue - I paid $2.29 for this glue, but you can always just used the glue gun for the buttons as well as the fabric.

Step 1: Measure and Cut


Make sure to iron your fabric. Then align your canvas on the fabric, leaving at least 2 inches all around (to wrap around the sides). Cut the fabric. I ironed the edges to make sure the back of the canvas looked neat.

Step 2: Glue

Use the glue gun to glue the fabric on the canvas. I only put glue on the sides and the back of the canvas. I did not want to have glue bumps on the front of the canvas. I did one side at a time and folded in the corners like I was wrapping a gift.

Step 3: Printing Your Letter

Print two copies of your letter. I made mine using 1000pt font. (yes one thousand).

The first copy I would use to place the buttons. Just to get an idea of how they fit and how many I will use.

The second copy I will cut out to use as a stencil to use on the canvas.

Step 4: Tracing and Placement

I then lightly traced the inside of the letter with a pencil. Then removed the stencil. I then replaced the buttons from the printed letter onto my canvas. Then I glued one button at a time, so that I will not lose the shape of the letter.

Step 5: Ribbon

Finally, I made a bow with the ribbon, leaving a loop to glue to the canvas.

Step 6: Done!

That's it! It took me a few hours to do, but that was without instructions. Trial and error. My next one should be a piece of cake.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful. I saw this on Pinterest as well. I think I'm going to try one for my sister and her soon to be husband as a wedding gift.