Monogramed Wall Art

I have become a bit of a DIY craft addict! Yesterday I received my new re-placement Crock Pot in the mail ( Big shout out to Crock-Pot who sent me a free brand new replacement of my old one when they could get me a replacement lid for my broken one:)) As I was getting ready to throw the box out I saw the little Oval cardboard ring the it was nestled in. HMMM I thought that could be "Something??"
Step 1Paint

So I grabbed the can of black spray paint and changed its color!
Step 2Backing

Next I decided to use burlap on the back but the burlap was too flimsy so I took a piece of card stock and used Krylon spray adhesive to the card stock then layed the burlap and glued them together.
Step 3Tace and Cut

Next I traced the oval onto the burlap and paper combo to make the right fitting backing and cut it out.
Step 4Glue Gun

Then I used my glue gun to attach the Oval ring to the burlap backing.
Step 5Attach letter

I used the glue gun to then attach a wooden "R" I bought in the clearance isle at Wal-mart for $.25 and spray painted with that same black spray paint.
Step 6Hanger

I used a remnant from the burlap to create a hanging rope and just tied it around the top of the oval.
Now you have a cute little hanging monogramed piece of art that cost about $1.00 :))




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