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I have a monopod, and I like to take it places more often than my tripod because is lighter, and easier to set up. Neither of them have a carrying case though, and sometimes I just don't want to carry things. I either need my hands, or it's just not desirable to carry things, hiking for example. So I had the idea to make a quiver for my monopod so I can just carry it on my back, and it's easy to get to when I want to take a picture or record something. Here's how I did it.

Step 1: What You'll Need...

The things you will need are...
- Two screw/post rivets
- Nylon strapping
- PVC that is large enough to hold your monopod
- PVC cap
- PVC primer and cement

And some tools...
- Drill with drill bit the same size as your posts
- Saw
- Sandpaper

(I'm not using a drill to make a hole, I'm using the awl on my pocket knife, and I just used the blade of another knife to remove the burrs.)

Step 2: Cut Down the PVC

If you don't have an abundance of PVC at home, you'll probably need to go to a hardware store like I did and buy however much you need. However, at most hardware stores, they'll only cut it in whole feet for you. If your monopod is an odd length when closed like mine is, you'll need to cut it. So do that now.

Step 3: Add Some Holes

Put the cap on whichever end your designating as the bottom of you quiver, and make a hole about an inch above it. If your using an awl like I am, try not to make the hole too big.
Then add a hole at the top too. about an inch away from the end.

Step 4: Add Your Strap

I've bought five feet of nylon strapping, but that's because I wasn't sure how much I'd need. So what I'm going to do is attach the top end first, and bring it over my shoulder and around my torso top get the right fit. I'll then measure, cut, and attach the bottom end.

I should mention here, I don't have the proper tools to make a hole in nylon strapping, so I'm just going to force it in between the weaving so I don't compromise the nylon.

In hindsight, I would've used steel screws and posts instead of aluminum.

Step 5: Add the Cap

Now add your PVC cap to the bottom of your quiver with the PVC primer and cement.

Step 6: That's It!

It's done! Once the cement cures, your free to take your camera and monopod anywhere! On hikes, bike rides, wherever.

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    5 years ago

    Great idea! Really like this!