Monotron Hack With a Baby-8 Sequencer - CV and Gate

Introduction: Monotron Hack With a Baby-8 Sequencer - CV and Gate

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Here's how to connect your Korg Monotron (which was created to be hacked) to a Baby 10 (Google it for more info) based, 8-step analog sequencer with max. output = 5V. Please be careful unless you wanna mess up your Monotron. I tried to make the video as easy and explanatory as possible so everyone (including the people with no electronics background) could understand it. The cables can be permanently soldered to a stereo jack (CV + Gate + GND) for easier access. You can check out my other videos for info on the sequencer. The soundtrack is one of my own from many years ago (all patches and drums created with a Roland SH-32). Interstellar Oscillations - Cheap Space 69. For more info you can visit:



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