Monsta X Kihyun Arbour Day MIniature Small Plants

It is currently still unfinished, the instructable will give instructions on how to make the pot and soil/stones

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Step 1: Materials

- Paint
- Black
- Green
- Grey
- Red
- Blue
- White
- Brown

- Cardboard

- Any container
- Rising Star has a rimmed pot, Mon-Love has a verticle pot

- Cardboard + Rim of paper cup = base plate

- Cork + Sand = Soil

- Cork + Rocks = Stones

- Pencil + Elastic = Bamboo base

- Paper + Paint(+Mod Podge) = leaves

- Skewers/Wire + Paint = Twigs

Can be made out of anything, use anything you can find from foam to string, the list is of things that I used...

Tools : Scissors, Hot Glue Gun (melting plastic), etc. (unfinished)

Step 2: Containers

(This is for the type that I'm using)

1. Use a hot glue gun to melt the top of the container, remove the narrow piece

(Opt. Heat a baking pan upside-down on medium heat stove and melt the rims of the containers to get a smooth finish)

2. (View next step) Mix paint on the base plate, paint the containers and place containers on base plate -> Green, Black, Grey

3. Mod Podge two layers/coats

Note : I realized later on that Rising Star has a different pot than Mon-Love, to accomodate for this, I removed the container from the base plate and replaced it with a biodegradable pot (painted in the same colour)

Step 3: Base Plate

1. Trace out a circle

2. Cut out a rim (can be from a cup, like what I did)

3. Glue rim on base plate, using binder clips to keep in place while allowing it to dry

4. Mix paint on the base plate -> green, black, grey

5. Paint then mod podge two layers/coats

Step 4: Soil

1. Crumble cork

2. Mix sand with cork

3. Add paint and combine/mix -> black, brown

4. Let dry

5. Place in Mon-Love's pot

Note: At first I thought Rising Star's pot was also filled with soil so I ended up making too much fake soil, I could add it to the bottom of Rising Star's pot (so that it is not visible), but I decided to save it for a different project

Step 5: Stones

1. Cut cork into cubs and triangles

2. Paint black

3. Mod Podge over top


1. Gather or buy small rocks

2. Paint black

3. Mod Podge over top

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    3 years ago

    Will you be putting plants or seeds in the pots?

    1 reply

    Reply 3 years ago

    No. I intend to use skewers and other materials to make the plant.