Monster 100w LED Flashlight 10,000 Lumens With Huge Lenses




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In this instructable you can see how to make a super powerful flashlight
The flashlight has a 100w led that can produce 10000 lumens

I used a huge lens recovered from a krokus photo enlarger

Step 1: Installing Led and Lenses

For the flashlight I used two lenses, one made for this led and the one i recovered from the photo enlarger.

First install the lens inside the pvc pipe, mine was a perfect fit

Make holes in the cooler body, add thermal paste and attach the LED with screws.

Add 2 x L shape brackets to hold the small led lens and also use them to attach the assembly to the flashlight body

Experiment for the best distance between the lenses, and then drill the holes for the brackets in the flashlight body.

Step 2: Flashlight Body

Cut the pvc pipe for the flashlight body

Use a milling cutter to make the adjustment system.

Cut a hole in the rear cap for the second cooling fan and attach it with screws.

Make holes under the flashlight for cooling

Cut holes for the on/off buttons, fuse, voltampermeter and temperature meter

Step 3: Wiring

I made a rudimentary electric schematic and I hope it will help you.

I used a 12000 mah li-ion battery pack to power the led

I made the battery pack with cells recovered from cordless drill battery

The battery pack has 12v, the led works at 33v and 3amp max

I used 250w dc-dc booster to make constant current and constant voltage for the led

I added a voltampermeter for the booster and Lipo Battery Voltage Indicator Tester with low voltage Buzzer Alarm for the battery pack

At the end you can see some pictures with the flashlight vs darkness.



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    I have wanted to do someting like this, little wile ago I bought some parts to do it (The cheapest ones ;-; But im wanting to water cool mine! Anyway do you know the lense's "projection angle"?


    1 year ago

    I salvaged a similarly sized, big lens from a rear projection TV in case anyone is interested. There are 3 in each projector, and there are 3 projectors in the TV!

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Thank you :). I am working on a project with bigger lens :) and a huge flashlight mirror. I will try to light a subject at 2km.