Monster-B-Gone - Essential Oils Spray




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Monster-B-Gone - Essential oils spray

If your child is having a hard time falling asleep because he or she believes there are monsters in the closet or under the bed, then this is a great solution for you. Mix up some of this product and it will give the child that sense of protection. Also the scent of lavender has been proven in studies to help aid in relaxation and sleep quality (wink, wink).

Just remember to tell your child that 2-3 sprays per night is enough or you will have to make it a lot.

All you need is water, fine glitter, essential oils and a small spray bottle.

Watch Video.

There are also some great bloopers at the end of the video.



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    3 years ago

    I have always used money house blessing spray that I got at the dollar store. I sprayed the closet and under the bed while my child watched. I think seeing me spray and the light scent of the "Monster Spray" reassured them enough to drift off to sleep. Of course, once they could read, I was

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I read an article about a similar product for kids who were afraid of monsters at night. It said to tell your child that WHEN the monsters come into his room (not IF they come), they just need to use the spray to get them to go away. Using this approach affirms his/her fears and empowers them to do something about it with the tool (Monster Spray) that you have given to them. Makes the spray even more effective at monster removal. Try it..

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