Monster Bit.




Introduction: Monster Bit.

This monster has been living in my back yard for a while now...
It's a drilling bit (for oilwell drilling) with a plastic cup inserted in its head. Its hair was planted last spring (see last picture).
Look here for its origin.

(just entering for fun, not for the prizes...)



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    . Almost common at junk stores in my area (S Arkansas, US). Should be the same in any area that has oil/gas wells. You may be able to buy worn-out ones from drilling companies for next to nothing..

    You're right but they often get recycled. A small fee to the toolpusher is not very uncommon (see my coment jan25, 2011, 10:53PM).

    . Food makes a good bribe for just about any roughneck. Sounds to me like the best bet may be to hit McDonald's and then a nearby rig. ;)

    They're popular here in Norway too. People put them on their staircase as an ornamental piece and oil related industry corporations use the as ornamental pieces outside their entrance.

    thats WILD ! it would make a great addition to my garden menagerie if I could find anything like it in florida

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    I got one when I worked on an drilling rig. I paid the toolpusher (= boss) a bag of French Fries for a worn out bit.