Monster Box




This one is a little harder than it looks but you can't beat the price.

Materials Needed:

    1. 2- Pallets (Free if you shop around)
    2. 2-3 hinges $3-$4
    3. Circular saw blade (going to get trashed)

    1. Chain
    2, Stencils
    3. lights
    4. monster

Assembly Tips:
  This one is a bit unique, if you have never tried to tear apart shipping pallets, it's not easy. (I would rather dig a ditch)
  It is easier to cut the pieces apart instead of trying to pull the nails.  The treated lumber will kill a saw blade.

  The length of the cut boards determines the length of the box.
  I used a piece to run up the interior back and lid to add support.

  Fog piped inside can also add to the effect.



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    This is great!! You should also stain the wood and enter into the Cabot Wood Contest that ends tomorrow!! You would totally have my vote! :)

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