Monster Egg Pendant




Congratulations it's a Ghoul!!!

Step 1: Materials Used

Small wooden egg
Small eye screw
Two small glass beads
Rotary Tool with sanding and carving bits
Small paint brush
Glue (clear drying)
Hemp Cord

Step 2: First Steps

Start by sanding the egg in the center with your rotary tool until you get the desired concave for your pendant. Remember safety first, no one wants to take a chunk of wood to the eye or mess up any digits. Once this is done grab your pencil and draw the fingers and eyes as well as whatever egg cracks you want on the egg.

Step 3: Coloring It In

Using your woodburner you can fill in the concave and do the detail work on your egg. Take your time you don't have to apply a lot of pressure let the heat do its job. Again safety first its a small piece and you don't have a lot of room to work.

Step 4: Dang You Eyes!

As you can see in the pictures my eyes changed a couple times. In the end I decided to hollow out a couple of eye sockets with the rotary tool and carving bit. With a little glue and a couple of glass beads I got my final piece. Glue used was Glossy Embellishments by Ranger however E6000 would have worked as well. Apply the glue in sockets and place eyes in the wanted position. I took a small paint brush and smoothed the excess glue inside the concave to give it that glossy "just hatched" look.

Step 5: Your the Proud Parent of a Little Monster!

Screw the eyehole screw into the top of the egg and your pendant is completed. Paint it,stain it, or leave it natural.Hope you enjoyed and have fun creating!

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