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This is my very first Instructable and I hope my steps and explanation will make this an easy project for whomever want to make this. A couple of years ago my wife was wanting to give a totally unique gift to a friend. This friend loved Monster Energy drinks and anything associated with them. So I finally came up with this idea to take a Monster Energy can and turn it into a light.

Since then I have had people request and order all kinds of different can lights. Anything from soda, beer, and even coffee drink cans.

*** Before I start I have to say "SAFETY FIRST". When using any kind of tools on any kind of project. Please where gloves, a dusk mask and eye protection!!!!!

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Step 1: Tools Needed

I have put links to where you can purchase these items. All links I have personally ordered from and I recommend.

- Drill

- Dremel -

- Step Drill Bit - $6.26 -

- Highspeed dental handpiece - $14.99 -

- Highspeed diamond burr/bit set - $4.50 -

- small drill bit - $5.99 -

Step 2: Materials Nedded

- Any Monster Energy drink can

- Color changing light - I bought these from my local Dollar Tree. They are a 2 pack for $1.00

Step 3: Cut Hole in Bottom of Can for Light to Fit

- As you can see the light size is perfect for fitting into bottom of can.

1. Using step drill bit you can drill your hole. Then using the same bit just use it to widen the hole. Periodically stop to check how much wider it needs to be. Continue until hole is big enough for light to barely slip in.

Step 4: Drill Pilot Holes With Small Drill Bit

I like to use a small metal drill bit for this. You could use the diamond bit for your Dremel to make the holes. The Dremel bit will sometimes move when trying to make the hole and scratch the cans finish. The small drill bit will eliminate that problem.

Pre-drilling these holes in various locations on all the letters you will be cutting out. These will make the letter cut out alot easier.

Step 5: Start Using Dremel to Cut Out the Letter "M"

I use the Dremel and diamond bit to cut out the larger pieces. Like the Letter "M". The Dremel and bit cuts faster but at the same time it vibrates more than the dental hand-piece that we will use later on. Also the Dremel bit will leave some jagged metal edges or burs. Thats where the dental hand-piece will be used later on fixing any of those.

Also I suggest when cutting towards the top of the letters. Leave a space between where the letter "M" connects. See pic showing what I am talking about. If you dont leave a space where the can is connected. Then you will have the parts of the letter "M" you have just cut out loose and flopping around.

I only use the Dremel to cut out the letter "M". The smaller letters in the word Monster I use the dental bits that are more precise and with no vibrations at all.

Step 6: Using the Dental Hand-piece to Clean Up and Cut Out the Rest.

First of all let me explain the difference between the Dremel and a High speed Dental hand-piece. The Dremel I use is a Dremel 4000. This Dremel rotates at 4000 r/min. If your not familuar with the term "r/min". That is it rotates 4000 per minute. At that speed it cuts great but the tool vibrates some and is harder to make real precise cuts. The High speed Dental hand-piece is just like the ones your dentists use when working on your teeth. This tool rotates at 350000 r/min and with no vibration at all. So cutting out something that needs to be precise its ideal. Plus the diamond bits or burs as they are called are alot smaller.

You can spend hundreds of dollars on the name brand Dental hand-pieces like the ones your dentist uses. I have found that the ones like I posted a link to on Ebay. They are just as good for the job I am using it for. If it happens to break after say six months of use then Im only out $15 compared to $500- $1000 for the ones the dentist uses.

I personally have had the ones that I have listed, That has lasted through say 60 hours of use. Now you do have to hook the Dental Hand-piece to small air compressor via small tubing. The tubing is the kind used to hook up oxygen tanks to for people to breath through.

If you google on how to set up a dental hand-piece set up. It will tell you the exact size tubing needed and what kind of compressor work best. I bought a small portable low noise compressor with air regulator for about $120.

Now to using this tool.

- Use this to go along the edges of the "M" you just cut out. This will eliminate any jagged metal pieces left from the Dremel.

- This will make easy work when cutting out the smaller letters in the word "monster"

NOTE - when cutting the letters "O" and "R" out. Make sure to leave gaps in the letter. Like you dont want to cut a complete circle for the letter "O". Then you will have a hole where the letter should be. Just cut out the sides of the letter and leave a space at the top and bottom where the letter is still connected to the can. See pic where I show you what I am talking about.

Step 7: Your Finally Finished

After that your Monster light can is finished. Insert the light in the bottom of can and turn on. The light will change from about six different colors. It runs on one 2032 battery and last for 120 hours.

I hope you find this Instructable handy in creating your own Monster can light.

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    I really like the project! The Monster can adds so much to it! A Fanta can wouldn't look cool at all. You got my vote!


    7 months ago

    Good job with the instructable! and also thank you for sharing your idea with us! It's a great little DIY project. I was just wondering if you have used a scalpel to cut out letters and numbers? I live in an apartment and I can't use a compressor as a source of air, I do, however have a scalpel and extremely sharp and extremely pointed scalpel blades. They should work for such a project, yes? I will give it a try. All one needs is a sharp blade and a lot of patience, right? lol

    2 replies

    Reply 7 months ago

    I think cutting the aluminum can should work out fine with a sharp knife. What you could try to make the empty can more solid and easier to cut is filling it say 3/4 with water and put it in the freezer overnight.


    Reply 7 months ago

    I suppose you can give it a try. If you do try it. let us know and post some pics. Im curious too. If you have the money you can get one of those small whisper compressor. My friend had one and he would have to check to see if it was running or not. Thats how quite it is.


    7 months ago

    How can I hook up this dental hand piece to my shop compressor without buying all kinds of other stuff. What is the size of the shank on the high speed diamond burr set?

    1 reply

    Reply 7 months ago

    I have mine set up like this. I have a hose running from my compressor to a air filter/regulator I bought for $20 from Harbor Freight. from there i have 6′ Clear Tubing – 1/8″ inside diameter x 1/4″ outside diameter. that goes from the regulator to the hand piece. The tubing i am using was from my mother in laws old oxygen tank. There is no kind of connector thats at the end of the tube that connects it to the hand piece. You just push the tubing onto the longest port on the end of the dental piece.
    The shank size 1/16″ shank for use in all high speed engraving and dental tools. You can get them pretty cheap on ebay or If you want to see more info on the real way you should set it up. Go to this site. These are high speed engravers that proffesionals use in wood working. My dental handpiece are alot cheaper and work just as good.
    this site sells bits and burs too.


    7 months ago

    This is a solid little project, I like it. The idea of using the dental handpiece is great - that's something I need to pick up for find detail work. Thanks!!

    1 reply

    Reply 7 months ago

    All the different bits and burs you can get is great. I use a carbide bit for my woodworking. I just got done doing a guys rifle stock using them. Really detailed. Then you can get diamond bits in all sort of shapes. I use those for engraving glass and mirrors. Then there is even stone bits for engraving like someones initials into stone. Ive made some pretty cool designs in flagstone that were in a flagstone patio.