Monster Energy Wall Art



About: Architectural Designer and Volunteer Firefighter

I made this wall art for my friends birthday. He likes monster energy drinks and I was really sick of looking at the thing he had hanging on the wall before. 
I used a jigsaw, 1x8 boards, and red paint. 

Step 1: Drawing

First I drew each scratch of the logo on paper in case I wanted to make this again. 
You can either draw each of them by hand like me or use a projector.

Step 2: Trace to Wood

I traced the paper cut outs onto the 1x8 boards next

Step 3: Cut It Out

After I was finished getting the logo drawn on the wood, I cut each part out with a jigsaw

Step 4: Paint It

Paint it any color! I used red because it was what I had, and I knew it matched his room colors. I also added two small screws to each separate part and wrapped a wire between them so the wire hangs on a nail when it is hung. I tried to get a picture but there was an error each time I tried to upload it. Thanks for checking this out!



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