Monster High Doll Display Cabinet in the Shape of a Coffin

Introduction: Monster High Doll Display Cabinet in the Shape of a Coffin

About: I am not a joiner or anything like that I just love making stuff in my own garden with a few beers for my kids. I know some things can be expensive when buying things for children so I try and make easy step...

Monsterhigh doll display cabinet in the shape of a coffin.

This was simple to make.

I pulled off 4 pallet lats and cut them at the desired length with the saw set to 15 degrees. I glued, nailed and screwed all the joints together. I cut a piece of plyboard for the back around the shape of the frame and used a jigsaw to cut it out. For the shelves I measured across and cut accordingly on a 15 degree cut. I then painted it and screwed it to my daughters bedroom wall. The video I've posted is in a bit more detail.

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    5 years ago

    Nice idea! Your daughter will be happy or???

    Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    my daughter loves it and so does half of her friends, i've found myself making another 6 of them.