Monster High Puppet Theater.



Introduction: Monster High Puppet Theater.

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Materials used:

Cardboard(saved from packages)

Craft sticks multicolored (dollar tree)

Clear plastic sheets (from scrap packaging)

Foam sheets (dollar tree)

Cardboard tubes of 2 different diameters (saran wrap rolls, aluminum foil roll)

Acrylic paints (walmart)

2 flickering led tea lights (dollar tree)

Purple bandana with designs (walmart)

Monster high stickers (walmart)

Monster high birthday party paper table cloth (walmart)

Monster high scenes (package material from monster high figure & sticker book dividers)

Wooden dowel (walmart)

Thumbtacks (dollar tree)

Elmers glue all (walmart)

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Step 1: Tools Used.

Tools used:


Exacto knife

Hot glue gun

Mechanical pencil


Hole punch

Step 2: Construction Process.

I started out sketching out the shape on a piece of cardboard & cut out 3 identical pieces to form the outside & inner walls. The bottom piece I cut the holes for the 2 led lights so I could get to their on/off switches. I cut out the inner and outer wall pieces & used exacto knife & scissors to cut out the spots for the windows & hot glues sheets of plastic in for those. I used hole punch & tiny scissors to cut foam window panes out to glue onto the plastic windows using elmers glue. I also used black textured scrapbook paper for the back upper window pane & used elmers glue to hold it in place.I used the monster high themed paper table cover to line the cardboard walls with it's design elmers gluing it to the various pieces of cardboard. I also used the packaging from a monster high doll to make the inside stage background hot gluing it in place. I used exacto knife to cut out slots above the windows to slide the cutout paper puppets through. The puppets are simple cutouts of monster high characters that are glued to heavy cardstock and cut out. I use hot glue to glue the puppets onto the multi colored craftsticks. I used a wooden dowel as the theater curtain holder which would raise and lower the curtain by simply rotating it. I used thumbtacks & hot glue to hold the curtain to the dowel. I left the roof open as possible so the puppets can be moved in & out of the theater through the top. I used craft sticks & hot glue to fasten the roof cardboard together to make the upper portion of the theater strong & provide a good point to life it from. The sticker book had some cardboard dividers with images from monster high so I used those on the back upper and lower floor scenes. I made some lockers shaped like caskets & used pen for some details & used some table cover material to decorate the lockers further. Other parts of the theater is decorated with pieces of the table cover as well. I then used the stickers to add the finishing decorations up to the theater & puppet sticks.

Step 3: Break a Leg!

Now the monster high crew is gathered up & ready for the performance of their lives.

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