Monster Hunter Inspired Shield

Introduction: Monster Hunter Inspired Shield

The Monster Hunter series is known for its large open world, fearsome monsters, and expansive customization. Today i've brought my focus on the sword and shield combo. Rather then copy a single weapon set, i've decided to make my own shield design mostly based off the Great Jaggi weapon style.

You will need:
EVA foam mats
Dremel with sanding attachment
Thin Craft mats
Wooden or PVC dowel
Hot Glue and Gun
Assorted paints 

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Step 1: Cut the Foam

Cut the EVA foam into a shield shape. A good way to measure how big it should be is to place it against your body. The shield should be the size of your entire torso. If you want to stiffen the foam, use a heat gun or place a secondary slab of foam on the inside for stability. 

Also cut the tooth-like spikes. Two sets should be the same size while the third needs to be about an inch bigger than the rest. sand the inside of the spikes so they have more surface area for the glue to hold.

Step 2: Paint and Place the Scales

Paint the thin foam sheets to the desired color. also paint on the shield to the background will match where the scales will be placed later.

Tip: Covering foam with several dry layers of white glue will prevent the foam from soaking up the paint.

cut the scales out and place them on the shield, leaving room for the tooth spikes.

Step 3: Glue Tooth Spikes

Place the tooth spikes at an angle and even distances from each other with the largest in the middle. Than place the rest of the scales around them.

Step 4: Color the "bolts"

These bolt like items can be anything from bottle caps to cork "which is what i used" paint to match area and you are done.

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