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Introduction: Monster Invasion Scene

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Here’s a step by step on how transform calming, normal sceneries into frightening scenes using (a free photo editing site) along with Microsoft PowerPoint and Paint.

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Step 1:

Enter into the URL box in your internet browser. When the page loads, click “Get Started Now” then “Upload a Photo”. Choose the scenery picture from your computer that you want to edit. I just pulled all of my pictures offline but feel free to use personal pictures!

Step 2:

Go to the “Effects” tab and select the “Focal Zoom” effect. Set the options as follows:
-Zoominess 50%
-Focal Size 57%
-Edge Hardness 0%
-Fade 40%
And set the “Advanced Modes” category to “Subtract”

Drag the focal circle so it’s centered on the cabin then click “Apply”

Step 3:

Now select the “Focal Zoom” effect AGAIN. This time, set the options to:
-Zoominess 50%
-Focal Size 50%
-Edge Hardness 50%
-Fade 0%
And set the “Advanced Modes” to “Difference”. Then drag the focal circle to the very bottom corner of the picture so it’s almost off the picture altogether.

Note: Do NOT drag the circle off completely because this will turn your picture completely black

You’ll see a blurry black circle at the bottom corner of your picture but don’t fret – we’ll be covering this later with a monster.

Step 4:

Now go to the “Basic Edits” tab and select “Exposure”. Change the “Exposure“ option to 10 and leave all of the other options at 0. Then click “Apply”.

Go to the “Save & Share” tab at the top of the screen and save the picture as a jpeg. The background for your finished picture is now finished.

Step 5:

Now open a blank presentation page in Microsoft PowerPoint (You’ll need the 2010 version because it has the picture editing features we need).

Insert the picture you just saved on Picnik and stretch it so it’s a little bit bigger than the presentation page on every side.

Step 6:

Now insert your first monster and select the “Remove Background” option.

Use the tools at the top to select which parts of the picture you want to remove and which parts you want to keep. When you are satisfied with the results click “Keep Changes”.

Note: If part of the leg or something gets removed, don’t worry – the background is dark so it will blend in

Step 7:

Resize the monster and place him where you want. Hold the “Shift” key and click the monster then the background. Go to “Group” under the “Format” tab on the right and group your pictures (this will lock them together so you don’t accidentally move them out of place).

Remove the background and resize the other monster pictures and a picture of a frightened girl. Place them where you want and group all of the pictures together. While the grouped picture is selected, hold “Ctrl” and “C” to copy it.

Step 8:

Open Paint and hold “Ctrl” and “V” to paste the picture. Drag the white space so it’s right up against the picture and you can’t see it.

Then go to the command tab at the top (it’s a dark blue tab) and save it as a jpeg.

Step 9:

Now go back to Picnik and open up your newly saved picture.

Go to the “Effects” tab and select the “CinemaScope” option. Uncheck the “Letterbox my photo” option and click “Apply”.

Your creepy picture is now complete! Save it as a jpeg and share it with your friends!!!

You can use these steps to create other great scenes too. Try adding zombies to a city picture or vampires to a grungy alley! Or take a picture of your own home and infest it with creepy creatures.

If this instructable was helpful to you or you just think it’s cool – please vote for me in the Pixlr contest!

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