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Introduction: Monster Journal

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There are a lot of instructables for binding books in leather (see my other called "Spiked Journal"). This will be a more detailed instructables on the front cover rather than the whole book.
I wanted my own Necronomicon or other leather bound curiousity piece, so I started small.
Hope you like it!

Step 1: Start Making!

This is pretty much the same start up as the Spike Journal. Instead of spikes, I used buffalo teeth, not just for the mouth, but for some of the facial features as well.
A small journal or book.
Buffalo teeth
Rubber cement and gorilla glue (not pictured)
And of course various cutting utensils.

Step 2: Introducing the Gomer Demon!

Trace out the book and cut it to fit. Glue the back and spine to the book. I used the buffalo teeth (obviously) to build up the base. Nose curve, and teeth were the easy parts. Used the gorilla glue to add the brow line and some more definition to the nose.
It took me plenty of tries to get the face right. I trimmed the holes for the eyes. Once I was content, I used the rubber cement to glue the leather down small portions at a time.
Not a fan of the big buck teeth, and it reminded me of Goofy, so I decided to call him the "Gomer Demon"!

Step 3: Go Bigger!?

I know this was a bit rushed, just tired is all. Depending on questions I may edit it later.
I suppose next step would be a bigger book for drawing, or more practice to make replicas of the more well known leather bound books. Either way, there is always interest.
Thank you for checking me out!

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    Question 2 years ago on Introduction

    Love, do u have how to make a purse like this face