Monster Truck Sandwich

Introduction: Monster Truck Sandwich

I had this really awesome idea when i saw this contest...
I wanted to make something nice, that everyone will enjoy :)
so here it is... my monster truck sandwich :]
feel free to rate, comment, and most importantly vote for me to win :D

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Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:
- 3 pieces of toast
- 4 mini donuts
- Chocolate spread
- Some Nuts
- Heavy cream (you can use it for the windows, but i didn't use it here)
- Cocoa powder

- Knife
- Plate
- 4 Toothpicks

Step 2: Cut

Take the 3 toasts and cut them like they are shown in the picture :)

Step 3: What They Should Look Like

This is how the toasts look like after they have been cut (2 equal small ones & a bigger one)

Step 4: Donut

Put a toothpick on every donut, attach them on the sides of the toast, spread the chocolate on the toast and put them above each other like shown in the next picture :)

Step 5: Dirt & Rocks

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