Monster Fish Cave Made From Slate Tiles




Introduction: Monster Fish Cave Made From Slate Tiles

So, i've been a fan of this site for about a year now.  I figured it was time to join up and contribute something.... This is my aquarium fish toy decoration cave monster guy thing.

Things you will need:

1. a plastic container
2. slate tiles ( I got mine at manards )
3. knife
4. aviation snips (tin snips)
5. fake aquarium plants
6. 100% silicone ( NOT the kind that is mildew resistant, it will kill your fish! )
7. a sharpie 

Step 1: Cutting Your Plastic Container

make a line with a sharpie where you want to cut you container in half. This is the mouth, I marked it a little less than half way from the bottom so there is more room for the eyes. use a utility knife (don't cut yourself... i did, but your project will still turn out great if you choose not to.) to cut the container. 

Step 2: Cut Eyes

Draw on some eyes and cut them out.  I poked a hole with my pocket knife then cut the eye out with aviation snips. 

Step 3:

Use the silicone to glue the two pieces together. 

Step 4: Start Adding Slate Tiles

This step can be kind of like a jigsaw puzzle. I have a little 2 step trick for getting the tiles into the exact shapes i need them to be. 
1.  throw a few tiles on the floor (don't do this on the carpet in your house, do it in your garage) till they break into 6 or 7 pieces.
2.  walk back and forth over the tiles, or jump on them, or both until there is a wide verity of sizes.

Start gluing the pieces to the container with your silicone.  I like to rub the pieces on the ground to smooth out any sharp edges. Small gaps between the slate can be filled with tiny tiny pieces.

Step 5: Start Adding Plants

Start gluing on plants. You can take a pretty large plant and cut it up into small ones that will slide into any gaps or cracks you have left between the slate pieces.  I glued a couple pieces of slate on the bottom to add some grass around the sides.

Step 6: Your Slate Monster Guy Thing Is Done!

Well, I guess your done when you feel like your guy has enough crap glued all over him.  But don't put him in your tank yet... first do this:
1. Let the monster dry for 48 hours.
2. Let him soak in hot water for a couple days.

I usually change the water that he is soaking in 4 or 5 times a day.

Hope you like my instructable monster slate tile aquarium fish cave guy thing!
Thanks for checking it out

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    I don't see why not... Dude that would be awesome!