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Introduction: Monte Carlo

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Monte Carlo, I built this on October 26, 2008. I've adjusted this model multiple times, found flaws where the steering didn't move, added an engine so if your little one is pushing it, the wheel will move the engine, fixed doors so they actually operate normal, and still as I was looking over the pictures to post this, I found a few mistakes of pieces that are missing and pieces that shouldn't be there.
This time I'm not going to list the pieces needed for my Instructable Monte Carlo.

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Step 1: Floor Board

Step 2: Steering and Engine

Step 3: Seat and Roof

Step 4: Rear End and Axle

Axle is built like this to match the front wheels so one doesn't stick out wider then the other.

Step 5: Trim Doors and Hoods

Step 6: 2008 Vs 2014

Before and After. I could show the picture of the first model in 2006 which started the base roof and trim. but that didn't have the same name, and looks completely different.

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