Monument Using Dominoes As Blocks

Introduction: Monument Using Dominoes As Blocks

Dominoes make delightful building blocks. My eight-year-old son wanted me to post this build he did of a domino-based structure.  And you can play dominoes with them.  Best is a large set with extra pieces for various non-standard domino games.

Is this a temple? A capitol building? A monument? We couldn't decide.

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Step 1: Layer I

Step 2: Layer II

This layer is a partial dome.

Step 3: Layer III

For strength, make sure you alternate directions of dominoes when appropriate.

Step 4: Layer IV

There are small rectangular windows front and back here.

Step 5: Layer V

The main section is finished.

Step 6: Wings, Layer I

And now add some wings to the building.

Step 7: Wings, Layer II

And with a second layer for the wings, we're done.

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