Mood Lamp

Make a nice looking mood lamp to place in your living room or bed room.


2x MDF 60x30cm 3mm tickness

Lamp base and lamp as wanted

Wood glue

Strap to hold while drying

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Step 1: Preparation

Take the base of a lamp which you would like to use.

Measure the diameter where the lampshade has to be installed

Change the cirkel with the smallest diameter in the file (Using Inkscape for example)

Laser both plates in 3mm thick MDF (You can remove one of the patterns to improve the speed, here there is one extra if something goes wrong)

Step 2: Put Everything Together

Glue both disks together

  • There are 4 disks, the same looking version has to be glued together
  • One is a bit smaler, this creates a small edge of 3mm

Bend the biggest part with the cutouts around the two disks (Only one of both in the file is needed, you can make 2 or remove one)

This plate should be fitted in de 3mm edge Glue everything together. This could be difficult to do, make sure you have some strap to put around the cirkel and hold everything together while the glue is drying.

You are ready

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