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Introduction: Mood Light

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If you have useless and practically unreachable shelf, you can turn it into cool mood light to decorate your home.

This piece of furniture was originally designed to pass day-light to hallway.
So I decided to make it generate light where there is no day-light

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Step 1: Material and Tools

Main things that you need:
- LED stripe
- AC/DC adapter
- RGB LED controller

Additional things:
- wires
- terminals
- plates
- bolts

- Screwdrivers
- Soldering iron
- Scissors, knife, reamer (Swiss knife is my choice)
- Glue
- Ruler

Step 2: Draw, Cut, Ream, Glue, Soldier

Draw places of parts distribution on plates.
- I used hardboard. Most appropriate would be some electric board or metal sheet, but that would rise costs of project.
- I used bolts with addition of rubber stickers for legs.
- Place terminal for connection. You can use 4 pin RGB LED connector, but that rises that costs.

Cut LED stripe into pieces.
- I needed 20 cm pieces. That depends on dimensions of your shelf.

Place pieces of strip on plates.
- Make sure to keep connection order.

Prepare wires.
- Cut it in different length depending on connection distance.

- Connections need to be small as possible. If not experienced, better to practice before start soldering.
- I recommend 0.5 tin for LED stripe connections.

Step 3: Test It

Check the result.
- If connections are not properly soldered, light will blink or be in different color than set with controller.
- In that case re-solder connection.
- You can use multimeter instrument to check voltage or to find joint connections.

Step 4: Install It

Make your home more cool with this easy and cheap mood light.
It is perfect as night-light if you have youngsters.
Enjoy, cause you earn it.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    looks cool ,like to do this to my entertainment center