Laptop Lighting

Introduction: Laptop Lighting

I wanted to make my old laptop have diffused color changing lights on the backside of my screen.  So I was looking for an RGB led strip that was controllable with an IR remote. What I ended up finding was made by PPA Int’l and is called, “OLS Home Accent Multi-color Kit".  I picked mine up at Altex Electronics but they are also available online.

I started by taking it apart & found a control/power board, an IR receiver. I took the power board and installed it inside an expansion slot on the bottom side of my laptop.  The control board receives its power from the computers battery & is directly soldered to the connector that the battery plugs into.  The IR sensor for the remote is installed inside the LCD where a camera used to reside & wired to the control board.  To make the opening in the top I disassembled the LCD completely that way the screen wasn’t damaged during the cutting phase.  I used a dremel tool to remove a good section of the screens plastic backing.  Then I installed the LED strips which I attached to the back to the LCD itself.  I used hot glue to spread out the light from the LEDs along with thin diffused plastic to cover them and further spread out the light. After that was completed I and then re-assembled the screen tucking all the wires inside.  This, for the most part, was a pretty easy thing to put together & while it is apart I sanded and painted mine to further change the appearance.

In the video below I am demonstrate the different effects that it is cable of.  It has Flash all colors, Single Color Fade, All colors fade from one to the next & lastly RGB Flash.  You can also increase or decrease the brightness from the remote.

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