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Introduction: Moon Clip Loader

In a previous Instructables I modified my Taurus M380 so that it was easier for my old hands to operate.

With this modification I shoot more, but that success brought up a second obstacle the moon clips require considerable finger strength to load and unload (demooning). There are several tools on the market for 45 acp, 357, 38 Special, 40 S&W, 9 mm, but few for the 380 acp. They are also expensive, $50 and more. Also the tools need to be used on a table which may or may not be available. So I decided to make my own tool which will be very portable and practical to carry in the field.

I made two tools one was made from a piece of plastic rod, and the other was made from a piece of aluminum tubing salvaged from a damaged easel tripod.

The plastic model is a little too big, 5/8 diameter would be better than the 3/4 inch that was used. With the plastic model I load every other round to reduce interference. It works well for demooning.

The aluminum model works very well and slips in you pocket like a pen. (might see if I can find a slip on pocket pen clip)

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Step 1: Making the Plastic Model

The rod was drilled 7/16 (could be 1/32 small , but did not have that size bit) 3/4" depth one end and 1 1/8" depth on the other end.

On the end that is drill 1 1/8" a notch is cut 1/8" deep. (notch is not centered it is about 1/3 of the diameter)

A flush trim hand saw was used to cut the notch.

Step 2: Making the Aluminum Model

A 4" long piece of aluminum tube was cut.

The tube was marked at 13/16" and an 1/8" hole was drilled in the center of the tube.

A 1/8" notch was marked on the other end, again it is not on center it is about 1/3 of the diameter. A belt sander was used to rough in the notch, then the notch was squared and brought to final size with a file. ( it only took half a dozen strokes in the soft aluminum)

The 1/8x1/2 roll pin is installed and press in place with a vise.

Rounds were fitted to show correct orientation.

Step 3: Using the Tools

To load a moon clip insert a round in the loader end, then holding the clip in one hand present the extractor groove to the clip and press into place. (using your hand and wrist instead of just your finger and thumb)

Repeat five time until clip is full. (as mentioned previously with the larger plastic model load every other round to minimize interference)

To unload (demoon) using the notched end, insert casing into tool, using the notch against the clip, roll the tool slightly and cam the casing out of the clip.

I have not tried it, but this tool and dimensions should work with 9mm, for 38 Special, and 357 Magnum depth will change..

For 40 S&W and 45 acp the holes would have to be sized to the round and depths.

It takes about the same time to load a speed loader as these moon clips with this tool and my fingers and thumb are none the worst for wear.

Step 4: Video Demonstration

This is my first attempt at a video demonstration.

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