Moon Colony Slideshow + Video (very) Basic Instructions




Introduction: Moon Colony Slideshow + Video (very) Basic Instructions

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This is for anyone who wants to build this with VERY vague instructions: more like pictures to use as guides. Picture 1 is an alternative layout with smaller buildings. The last picture is what the model looks like if the parts were used in Guns (The plane didn't use any parts from the Moon Base). The Guns are: SR-V2 (minus part of the stock so it would fit in the picture), Mepain's sniper, KillerK pistol and I think it's "the smallest K'nex gun with a mag.

Also is it worth posting the big plane on the last two pictures or are the pictures themselves enough? At the moment I probably won't as it's a bit basic and primitive.




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    I take it you mean the massive one? That's the SRv2, which I posted so check my ibles account! It was my first ever post. The smaller one is called "Mepain's Loser Rifle". The handgun with the green handle is my favourite mistol ever, and in my top 5 fav guns, KILLERK's pistol! The tiny handgun was removed from this site.

    Prolly not for these reasons: 1) The moon rover, rocket and shuttles are the only things that are not my design 2) I'll just add a few more pics to the slideshow to explain how to build them

    Can everyone see both the video AND the slides now, as the slides didn't appear on the old version.

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    I can see everything. I didn't really liked the tower, did liked the plane though, its worth posting.

    Ok I'll consider posting. When you say tower, do you mean the actual colony or a specific part?

    S'alright! Be the first to comment and rate my BRAND SPANKING NEW INSTRUCTABLE NOW! (click my icon)

    I LIKE IT! 5* but I don't have enough parts because they are on the SR-V2! The plane looks alright though and yes, I can see both the slideshow and video :D

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