Moon Light

Intro: I have been afraid of the dark for over 5 years, never being able to turn of the bathroom light, or leaving on which ever light did not bother my sister. After endless fights with my sister "lights on" or "lights off" I decided to create a night light that gave a subtle illumination, and could also be used to accessorize my room.


The tools you will need:

-Plastic Ball

-Toilet paper or paper towels

-Light bulb



-White and gray acrylic paint

-topper ware


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Step 1: Materials

-Plastic Ball

-Toilet paper or paper towels

-Light bulb -Adapter


-White and gray acrylic paint

-Topper ware


Step 2: Glue Preparation

The glue should be placed in a plastic container, and you will need to add a little but of water and stir it. The amount of water to add should be just enough to make the glue less thick and more fluid. After you have made the mixture, you will use the paint brush to place each piece of toilet paper on the plastic ball and it will be glued with the mixture of glue and water that was created.

Step 3: Light

You will need a lightbulb, a base, and an adapter. The light I prefer yo use is white light, but you can use yellow light as well, The base will be needed so that its easier to place inside the moon without the light bulb moving around. The cable will have to be cut and wired to the screws that are on the base.

Step 4:

With white and grey paint, you will be painting all over the paper mache and will be creating a moon like pattern. Be creative and inspire yourself by looking at pictures. You could even go outside and look at the moon as you are painting!

Step 5: Final Steps

Cut a hole in the sphere created with paper mache, and remove the plastic ball that is inside. Your project should be able to stand on its own, and should be able to keep its shape. Also in this step, you have to make sure that the hole you cut is big enough for a plastic container to fit. Once you have chosen the plastic container you will be sacrificing for your project... place your light bulb with its base inside of it, and cut a hole on it so that only the light bulb is exposed. You will then place your finished product on top of it, covering the plastic dispenser completely.

Step 6: The Right Place

Once you have your stunning moonlight up and running, you will want to place it in an area were it was meant to be. I would suggest any night stands near your bed. Place it where ever it is that you have decided, plug it in, and... VOILA! You will be having sleep overs with the moon every single night!

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    2 days ago

    Really cool! Hey you might want to change the thumbnail picture to the actual lamp instead of the material picture ;)


    5 days ago

    I'm surprised at how lovely the toilet paper's texture looks when it dries again! Nice work!

    1 reply