Moon Phase Dreamcather!



Introduction: Moon Phase Dreamcather!

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Hello everyone!Hope you enjoy this dreamcatcher project :)

I didn't explain how to make a dreamcatcher in this instructable because I have alreay done one <-------------------------

Please check out that before starting on this project.You can watch some youtube videos to help you too.

Step 1: Materials

A dreamcather base(as I mentioned at the beginning you can find the tutorial here

Moon shaped beads( I made mine with clay)

(You can find smilar ones at craft stores too)


Step 2: Glue the Beads

Put a little glue on the ribbon and glue all the beads .Follow the measurments to get the triangle shape.

Step 3: Glue the Dreamcatcher

Put a little glue on the top part and glue it to the back of the dreamcatcher.To make it look even glue the full moon shape then the two crescent shapes.

Put glue on the back to make it stronger.

Step 4: Little Knot on Top

Tie a piece of yarn on top to hang it

Step 5: DONE

Hope this instructable wasn't too short I tried to include all the details...

Thanks for checking it out! :))

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