Moon Phase Shades


Introduction: Moon Phase Shades

We are making moon phase sunglasses in this Instructable so you'll be styling all summer !

Step 1: Gather Supplies

Paint- black or white , glow in dark paint (optional)

9 beads of the opposite color of paint that you are using. I used black beads and white paint. (The easiest way is to only have To paint the beads one color)


Throw a way pair of sunglasses

Paint brush

Work surface that can get paint on it

Step 2: Glue Beads to Shades

Use e6000 to glue the 9 beads evenly spaced across the top of your shades

Let dry completely

Step 3: Paint Beads

Paint beads how you see them in the intro picture of this Instructable (or google "moon phase images" I'm using the 9 step phase one)

Let dry

Do another coat if necessary

Let dry completely

Step 4: Taaaa Dahhhhh

Yay! You're done! Now you have a really rad pair of shades :)

Hope you enjoyed this Instructable!!!



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