Moon (toilet Paper Mâché)




Introduction: Moon (toilet Paper Mâché)

Materials needed for moon:

Large balloon (36")
Toilet paper (a roll or two)
Starch (used for laundry)
Sheer black pantyhose (make sure you can see through them when stretched.)
Hot glue gun and glue
Razor blade
Spray paint (textured works best, but you can also use white or off-white to save money)
Gray and white paints
Paint brushes

Materials for outfit/dress:

Black dress or other clothes
White fabric paint

This year I decided to be the moon for Halloween. I started out making something else, but once I papier mâchéd the balloon, I just kept seeing the moon. I also made a starry dress to go with it.

Step 1: Papier Mâché the Balloon

Blow up a large balloon (I used 36"). Make a stand by folding a piece of cardboard to create a circle. Now cover the balloon with strips on newspaper dipped into starch. If you don't have starch, there are other paper mache recipes that use glue, flour, or other materials you might have around your house. After that layer dries, do another layer of starched newspaper. I also used a paint brush to help spread the starch out more evenly. When dry, cut a hole just big enough for your head to fit through.

Step 2: Toilet Paper Mâché

Now add a layer of toilet paper. I found that it works better to lay two strips on at a time and use the paint brush to apply the starch after. It's ok if the toilet paper creates little ridges and bumps as this will give your moon texture creating dunes and craters, but don't go too crazy. I found it works best if the toilet paper isn't a perfect flat square but isn't all clumped up either. The more you work with it, you will get a better idea of how you want to do it. Even when done right, it looks like a clumpy soggy mess when it's wet. Then it dries and looks better.

Step 3: Create Craters

Cut slices off of a toilet paper roll to create little rings (used for craters). After the first layer of toilet paper is dry, add craters all over to create the look to want. I cut some of the slices up and taped them back together to make smaller craters as well. Do another layer of toilet paper and starch over the craters and any other area that looks like it needs more coverage.

Step 4: Cut Out the Dark Spot on the Moon.

Have you ever noticed in looking at the moon that it has a big dark gray spot that goes across it? Cut out a shape on the moon that looks like this spot using a razor blade or box cutter. It doesn't need to be too detailed. You can add that later with paint. This hole is where you will see out of, so try on your moon and make sure it is at the right height for you to see.

Note: If you are not making this for a mask and are instead making it for a prop/decoration skip this step and paint the gray spot instead.

Step 5: Paint the Base Layer on Your Moon.

Spray a couple layers of spray paint of your moon letting it dry for a few minutes between each layer. I used the one in the picture, and was really happy with the way it turned out. It added a rocky texture which looked really good on the moon.

Step 6: Cover the Hole

This is the tough part. Cover the hole (shaped like the big gray spot) using really SHEER pantyhose. Make sure you can see through them before this step. You want to cover the hole by gluing the pantyhose on an inside ledge of the hole, stretching them across the hole, and gluing them onto the edge across. You will need to do this several times to cover the whole hole. I used hot glue to secure the pantyhose since it dries fast. I also reinforced the edges with gorilla tape. Do not cover the circular hole that your head will go through.

Step 7: Paint Details

Use different shades of gray and white paint to create details all over the moon. Look at the moon or pictures of the moon for inspiration. Dabbing gray paint over the textures of the toilet paper creates a neat effect. Also add little dots, circles, and starlike shapes. You can even add some details on the pantyhose if you do them more near the top or on the edges where they won't affect your vision as much. Have fun and play around with it a little.

Step 8: One More Layer of Spray Paint

If you feel that your details are too contrasting, spray one more light layer of spray paint over the surface of the moon avoiding the panty hose part. This will make everything look more blended. Now add some around the edges of pantyhose to blend them more to the rest of the moon. Spray an extremely light layer over the pant hose ( you still want to be able to see through them.) Your moon is complete!

Step 9: Make a Starry Dress to Go With It (optional)

You don't necessarily have to use a dress for this part. Any black clothes will work. I wanted to have a more formal look, so I went with a long black dress. I bought it from Goodwill for $6. Paint tiny white dots all over the dress with fabric paint. Painting the dots slightly different sizes (which tends to happen naturally) will create the effect of stars being different distances away. I found that the dots that get messed up end up looking like shooting stars, shining stars, ect. You can also add constellations.

A Mr. Moon wearing a tux could also look really cool.

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    3 years ago

    Very nice! :)

    Anirudh Ralhan
    Anirudh Ralhan

    3 years ago

    This is literally out of this world ;)

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    Great costume idea. And when Halloween is over, it would make a pretty cool looking lamp.