Mophie Spacestation Storage Space Upgrade

Introduction: Mophie Spacestation Storage Space Upgrade

I was handed a Mophie spacestation with 32 gigabyte capacity and thought 32 gigs of extra space is nice, but if there is a 64 and 128 gig version how do they do they have the memory installed? is it soldered to board?

I opened it up and found 2 16 gig microSD cards installed in to 2 microSD card brackets. I swapped one of them out for a Samsung EVO+ 64 gig micro SD card I had sitting around and when I plugged it back into my PC via the USB it asked me to format it. I did and it had 74.4 gigs of free space. a 2.3x increase is space and it was super easy.

I tried this with 2x 128 gig microSD cards a little bit after I wrote this and they worked but I had to insert the first card format the storage unplug it then insert the second card and format it again. upside it now has 238 gigs of space.

Just make sure that you are willing to take the risk here and acknowledge that it's not my fault if you decide to do this and ruin your spacestation.

What you need

1xmophie spacestation(duh) mine is M/N SPSTION-32GB-BLK HW/SW MOPSSBLK32GBV1

1x Razor blade or something thin and sharp to cut through the adhesive holding the back on.

2x microSD cards with space larger than what is currently installed (2 is optional it will still work with just 1 changed)

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Step 1: Open It Up.

I used a broken non marring pry tool for cell phones that was sharpened to cut the adhesive holding the plate on so I'm assuming a razor blade would work Just don't jam it in too hard you might damage the board inside and that wouldn't be good for you.

Step 2: Remove the Micro SD Cards

There is a piece of tape holding the SD card cages closed undo the tape CAREFULLY!! they are not standard Micro SD card slots they are cages and the metal retaining bracket slides a little bit away from the battery and lifts up to release the SD card. the Stock cards in mine were 16 gig Sandisk

Step 3: Install the New Micro SD Card

Install the new card(s) to the slot(s) and plug a USB into both you computer and your mophie spacestation.

If you are only going to put in one card you have to use the slot on the left side as pictured. My PC did see it when it was in the right slot but it was unable to format. I have a feeling its because it's setup configuration.

when I confirmed it worked I just attached the plate back to the mophie spacestation and it stuck with the original adhesive.

Step 4: Format the Device

Upon reading and installing the drivers for the mophie spacestation you PC will say you need to format it before you are able to use it. Format it and enjoy having more space in your mophie spacestation

Edit 03/02/16 : I installed 2x128 gig Samsung PRO+ cards as a test in the mophie and the Windows formatting tool failed to format the mophie. It did see that it had 238 gigs but failed to format it. If you choose to go with two 128 gig cards and windows fails to format it. You have to insert one into the primary slot and format,then unplug the mophie insert the second card and format it again. I used the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool v2.2.3 to format it back to FAT32 when it was all installed and working.

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