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Introduction: Mora 748 Kit Knife.

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Enhance your Mora by adding a wood saw and a sharpening stone.
Although the Mora 748 is a good hiking and camping knife, it does not process wood well. I have used it to clear plants and light bushes when I go hiking. It however, cannot be used to chop wood like a parang.
I do not carry a parang on extended hikes, just a small knife to save on weight. With this mod, you can incorporate a saw that can process wood up to 4"in diameter, make traps and a stone to maintain your knife's edge. The inner tubes could also be used as fire starters.

Step 1: Getting Your Kits Ready.

You need a knife with hard plastic sheath to begin with. I chose Mora because of the quality and it is cheap.

You will also need a wood saw blade. I got mine from Ace Hardware. You cannot use hacksaw blade as it is too flimsy. Dry wall saw works fine too.

Then you need a couple of screws. A longer one for the pivot and short one as a the stopper for the folding saw blade.

A sharpening stone and finally, some inner tubes to hold everything together.

Step 2: Mounting the Saw Blade.

Drill the hole for the pivot first. The hole has got to be smaller than the screw diameter.
Check and re-check on the position of the blade when it is inside the sheath. You do not want to decorate your sheath with holes.
The pivot screw should be threaded to the other side of the sheath for extra strength. File any protruding screw tip flush with the sheath.
You can now adjust the angle of your saw blade and fix in the stopper screw. Remember to drill a smaller pilot hole than the stopper screw diameter for the thread to bite.

Step 3: Assemble Everything.

Now that you have your blade fixed, mount the sharpening stone to the sheath using the inner tubes.
A piece of long inner tube is pulled over the saw to prevent accidental openings and snatching of clothing from the saw's teeth.
Your knife kit is now ready for your next adventure. It can now process hard wood, make traps and snares, keep your knife sharp as well as providing fuel for starting fire aside from cutting and slicing.
You can also attach a lighter or a fire stick to the kit to make it more complete.

Step 4:

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    1 year ago

    with a bit of care this is probably safe. The saw/pivot should be used very cautiously, and it's advisable to have the sawblade narrower than the sheath so it doesn't snag clothes or skin when the saw's not being used, or is being folded out / put away.