More Comfortable Headphones Hack

Introduction: More Comfortable Headphones Hack

I have had these folding headphones for several years, but the problem is that I can only wear them for about 30 minutes before my head starts to hurt. The small screw that holds the hinge together digs into my head. I gave up on these headphones as unwearable and stashed them in one of my desk drawers, that is, until I came up with this idea.

I had just picked up some self-adhesive weatherstrip to seal around my front door (about $5), and I realized that this would work great on making my headphones more comfortable. I simply cut two strips from the leftovers to the right length, peeled off the backing, and stuck them on the top of the headphones. I used two pieces so that the headphones still fold up.

The headphones are now much more comfortable. I use them at work so that I am less distract by my coworkers. I can listen to music all day without the headache. This simple life hack makes my days much nicer.

The self-adhesive weatherstrip is a great product, and I been looking for other simple ways to put it to use. If you have other ideas for uses, put them in the comments.

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