More Efficient Bullpup Sidearm

After multiple attempts to make a more efficient bullpup weapon I came to a disign I liked.
Hopper fed
Fires blue rods

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Step 1: The Handle

follow pictures

Step 2: Ram and Ammo


The ram has a (blue spacer, rubber band, blue spacer, rubberband) cushion on it.

Step 3: Hopper


Step 4: Frame Stuff


Step 5: Trigger


Step 6: Assembly


Step 7: Assembly 2

almost done

Step 8: Rubberbanding


Step 9: Firing

1. Drop your blue rods into the hopper
2. Pull ram back so that it clears the rods then forward.
3. Pull trigger


1. Drop your blue rods into the hopper
2. Hold down trigger
3. Pull ram back so that it clears the rods then let go. Like a bow and arrow.

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    8 Discussions

    An Villainjames4

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Perhaps, though a bullpup pistol isn't really merited as the whole point of a bullpup firearm is to make the firearm more compact by moving what was once a standalone mechanism (magazine/receiver assembly) into another assembly whose purpose is to take up space (stock) as pistols (this one at least) do not have stocks a bullpup stockless firearm of any kind is really only a detriment to itself.