More Elegant Reserve Toilet Tissue Holder

Introduction: More Elegant Reserve Toilet Tissue Holder

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This is a follow-up instructable to my previous Elegant Reserve Toilet Tissue Holder. The earlier project was functional, but needed a little more class. So this mod adds a base at the bottom to hold the rolls more solidly.

Step 1: Gather Materials

Parts List

1. Elegant Reserve Toilet Tissue Holder (see previous instructable)

2. Matching towel holder; I used a Delta Crestfield Towel Bar in Venetian Bronze from Home Depot ($22)

3. Cardboard (cut from a box)

4. Card stock with a satin or gloss finish (I just cut some from some product packaging)

5. Black spray paint, gloss

6. Bronze or gold spray paint

7. Household glue - carpenter's glue - white glue or similar. Do not use Gorilla Glue because it will push the pieces apart when it expands

Tool List

1. Hacksaw

2. Drill bit, same size as the reserve tissue holder diameter

3. Pen or pencil

4. Xacto knife, scissors

Step 2: Drill Out Base

1. Disassemble the towel bar, and put aside the long section.

2. Using a hack saw, cut off the end of the base, leaving a small section for final trim, about an eighth inch.

2. Select a drill bit the same size as your toilet paper bar. Mine was one-half inch, yours may be larger or smaller.

3. Going slowly, carefully drill out the narrow end of the base so that the tube fits snugly through the opening just drilled.

4. Grab a pen or pencil and draw around the large end of the base onto the cardboard.

Step 3: Fit Cardboard Cap

1. Cut out the circle drawn in the previous step.

2. Trim closely so it is a perfect fit inside the base.

Step 4: Test Fit and Mark Inner Hole

1. Push the bar all the way into the base.

2. With the cardboard circle placed inside the base, press the bar down firmly to create an impression in the cardboard.

3. Remove the cardboard circle.

Step 5: Cut Out Center of Cardboard Circle

Carefully cut out the center of the cardboard circle you marked in the previous step.

Step 6: Draw Card Stock Circle

Using the cardboard circle as a template, draw the circle and hole onto the card stock.

Step 7: Cut Hole From Card Stock

Again, carefully cut out both the circle and hole in the card stock.

Step 8: Paint It Black!

Spray paint the two circles black. The Rolling Stones would be proud. Be sure to paint the shiny side of the card stock, then let them dry.

Step 9: That Metallic Look

Spray the circles lightly with the bronze or gold paint. The trick here is to match the bronze effect on the metal parts of the project. Be prepared to go back and forth between the bronze and black until you achieve a good match.

I painted in a box to keep the paint from going all over the place.

Step 10: Assemble the Circles

1. Carefully insert the rod into the painted side of the card stock without bending or creasing the card stock.

2. Now continue inserting the rod into the cardboard. It will act as support for the card stock. Even though it is mostly hidden, by painting the cardboard, it helps hide any visible seams.

3. Apply some household glue to seal everything together, and now insert the rod into the towel bar base you drilled earlier in step 2.

4. Continue pressing the rod through the narrow opening of the base into the bracket which holds the tissue holder to the wall. It should protrude enough to allow you to insert it into the bracket securely.

5. Wipe off any excess glue which has oozed out.

Step 11: Assemble to Bracket and Admire

1. Use household glue to attach the assembled bar/base into the bracket.

2. Attach the bracket onto wall support.

3. Admire your handiwork.

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