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This fairly complex elaborate design features a candle holder base with a 3" round corian that sits atop the candle holder. Atop the corian is an emu egg with each end cut off. One is expoxied to the corian, the other end cradles the ostrich egg.
The ostrich egg has several girth lines and divison lines which allow you to place the goose egg "box seat" dormers at the correct height and keep them level. A 4th goose egg houses the battery pack and the wires for the chandelier which hangs above the triple ballerina turntable which allows all three ballerinas to twirl as the music plays (without bumping into one another)and they are performing under the lights of the chandelier. The 4th goose egg also has an intricate double heart lattice window through which you can watch a smaller ballerina in practice with the hope that she too will be on stage someday.
The tiny quail egg atop the 4th goose egg also has a very tiny ballerina in a pose. The quail egg is removed for travel and reattached on arrival. There are also three dolls each hand dressed in laces and silk evening gowns who are standing in their box seat areas to be sure not to miss this intricate turning of the other three ballerinas on stage. All of the ballerinas were dressed in rouched 1/8" silk ribbons and their hair was made using shades of Bunka. My sincere apologies for not cropping this photo before I added it.Yes, there are in deed seven (7) eggs used in this design, and I spent several weeks constructing it and at least a week designing it on paper. The Box Seat Roof on each side mounted goose egg was made from a standard supermarket egg carton. Delicate Corelli lace pattern was created in white glue, allowed to dry overnigt afterwhich all of the eggs were painted with Opal JoSonja Acrylic paint. The inside of the emu egg is lined with burgundy velvet and braid trim; each box seat is lined with lace and the interior of the ostrich egg was glitterd and sealed above the level of the triple twirling platform.The platform with the triple twirling mechanism can not "drag" against the wall of the ostrich egg. It must be level and at least 1/16" away from the egde of the ostrich egg shell. Adormnets are crystals and crystal AB Swarovski rhinestone chain.



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    6 Discussions

    fluffy owl

    2 years ago

    This is just... it's so... oh, words fail me. You are a true artist and a wonderful designer.

    1 reply
    Carole B.fluffy owl

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you very much. It was quite challenging to get it all together. Sadly I recently knocked it over when I was taking it out to show when I had a speaking engagement where I display a large number of my eggs. I am trying to decide it I want to make it again!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is a lovely egg design!...you are so talented....i can only hope to become nearly as talented as yourself....where did you get the idea for this ?.....it looks so complicated.....


    10 years ago on Introduction

    I have attended the Atlanta Ballet in the distant past, when I was going to school there, and the egg that they had on display did not compare to this one. I haven't been there in years, but they need this in their display instead of the one I saw there! Can't wait for my wife to get home so I can show her this site and all of these wonderful eggs. Some of you are really talented, but I love your Faberge interpretations.

    1 reply
    Carole B.DJSaxton

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Dear DJSaxton, Thank you for your nice comments. I have seen the display at the Atlanta Ballet; it is nice, but I appreciate your kind remarks. The egg that is featured there is for the annual performance of The Nutcracker, where as mine is less specific. I designed this egg as a fund raiser for the ballet company several years ago, and I have recently re-created it for the International Egg Art Guild as one of their featured designs for 2009. Thanks again for your nice input and I hope that your wife will enjoy visiting the Instructables site too; there are many very talented artists who have created egg art for this contest. I just happen to be a Faberge style egg artist, which means that I use jewels and specific cuts and moveable parts in most of my designs and recreations of other egg artist designs. We love to share our designs with each other. Thanks again for visitng.... Carole B.