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Introduction: More Oodles of Doodles Art

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I hope you enjoy my Oodles of Doodles Art.  There are many different ways to begin.  This art form can be used to really create a masterpiece, or just use it to help unwind at the end of the day.  I often carry a smaller drawing book with me wherever I go.  I take along my favorite pens.  When I have to wait at a doctor's office or another type of appointment, I have something to do to pass my time.

Try it!  You might find that this really helps to take your mind off of the worries of your day.  It might even help you sleep a little better when you head finally hits the pillow!

Step 1: Creating Your Doodle Design

This design was created by placing my pen on the paper and begining to create a random design with circular motions and then added some straight lines.  You begin and end at the same point.  This type of design often does not cover the entire page, although it could if you wanted it to.  Remember; There are no rights or wrongs with this style of art.  It is yours so let the creative juices flow!

Step 2: Step # 2

You may start anywhere you like on your newly created design.  I choose the circle as a place to begin.  I added stripes as the first design.

Step 3: Step #3

Add diagonal lines and fill in every other opening to create a diamond pattern.

Step 4: Step #4

One this step I should have broken it down more, but honestly I got lost creating the design and forgot!!  You will find this too.  Once you begin you mind will be all caught up in creating.  That is what we want, right?

I started by making a solid circle.  Then I began by starting the design at the top of the circle and comiing down on the right side in a curvey fashion to connect to the side of the design.  I then repeated this from the bottom part of the circle to come up the left side of the circle and touching the top side of the line on the design.  I continued to do this until it was filled in.  Since there was still some open space left, I added more lines to fill it up.

Step 5: Step #5

I then went back and filled in the additional lines/stripes every other one in a solid black.  I love to have more darkness on my designs.  I am sure you probably have noticed this already!!

Step 6: Step #6

I love flowers and leaves.  You will probably start to notice the more of my designs that you see.  In this step I added a leaf pattern to the area above where I just completed the lines.

Step 7: Step #7

Now I colored in one side of each of the leaves.  I just love the contrast...I told you!!

Step 8: Step #8

You do not have to add designs to all parts of your line drawing.  It is okay to leave parts of it open.  In this step I desided to leave the area below step #7 open, but wanted to add some interest too it.  I darkened the lines and made it thicker in some areas....It is still open, but is more interesting to look at now.

Step 9: Step #9

Moving on to the next area, I start this design with a zip zap pattern.

Step 10: Step #10

I am certain by know you realized I was not going to stop at that.  I needed to add some contrast.  Now I added little solid triangles to the pattern....

Step 11: Step #11

Moving on to a new area I draw a line from the top to the bottom of the design to create 2 halves.  Then I add lines to create a feather look.

Step 12: Step #12

Go in now and color in some of the sections solid black, rotating so there are open spaces in between.

Step 13: Step #13

Now I go back over the design to clean up the outline of the shape and the line down the middle.  You can do this periodically as you are creating the design.  It helps to clean up the edges and make the design stand out more.

Step 14: Step #14

In this step I used a very fine marker to add the little fringes to the top part of each of the colored in areas of my feather.

Step 15: Step #15

I apologize for the bad picture.  Didn't realize it until after the fact...At this point I add a few little designs to the smaller aread.  One is just little polka dots.  The other is diagonal lines. 

Step 16: Step #16

I move on to another area.  Again, this is all random.  No trick to it.  I place another line down the center to divide it.

Step 17: Step #17

I add little leaves to make it like a fern leaf.

Step 18: Step #18

I go back over the design and the outline to fill the area in and make it darker, cleaning up the line.

Step 19: Step #19

Moving on to one of the humps, I add a partial circle design.  To that I add a solid partial circle design for interest.

Step 20: Step #20

Using a finer lined pen I go back in and add little lines to complete the open spaces around each partial circle.

Step 21: Step #21

We are almost finished!  I move to the final hump.  Draw some more humps inside the big hump, coloring in one of them.

Step 22: Step #22

I go back in and color in some of the open spaces in the hump area.  This cleans up my lines too.

Step 23: Step #23

I felt it looked too plain, so I added the round circles to the outside of the hump.  I think that was a nice addition to finish it off.

Step 24: The Finished Piece

The piece if finished!  I hope you enjoyed doing this along with me.  If you are creating just for relaxation it really does not matter what type of markers you use.  If you are creating art, I would recommend the Micron Pens.  I enjoy using different types of tips in my work and you might find that too.  Especially since I like to color in large spaces, I either have larger tipped markers or use the brush tips.

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